Donate Food

An often asked question is ‘what food does the Centre use’?

We currently feed our rescue dogs: K9 Optimum Dry (which is only available at Jollyes)

We currently feed our rescue cats: Royal Canin Shelter or Mother & Baby Dry (which is only available via Royal Canin direct)

We welcome and can make use of any brand cat/dog wet food, treats and any type of Royal Canin dry cat food. *We also welcome wood pellet litter*

If you want to support us in feeding animals in our care the best way to do this is through pet shop gift cards and vouchers.

Unfortunately we cannot accept out of date food.

Why feed the same food daily?

Following veterinary advice we have found a great benefit to feeding our dogs the same food. Frequent diet changes can lead to upset tummies for the dogs in our care as well as increased veterinary bills. For this reason we are unable to make use of donated dry dog food. Similarly we have found that feeding our cats the specialist Royal Canin food has improved their health.

What happens to the food donations we cannot use?

All food donations that we cannot make use of is donated to other rescue organisations and charities, Causeway Coast Dog Rescue, Animals in Need N.W, PET FBI and Animals In Donegal Aid Ireland have all previously benefited from your donations.

Thank you for choosing to support us. 

Friends of Rainbow Rehoming

At Rainbow Rehoming we need all the help we can get to ensure our cats and dogs get the best chance at a new life and we couldn’t do that without all the help we receive from our friends and partners.

  • Jolleys
  • Drumahoe Vets
  • St Elmo Veterinary Clinic
  • Highmoor Ash
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