Date Added: 7th January 2018
Pet Type: Cat
Looking for a new home.

My Rescue Life in Photos - 11 Months In Rescue 

All this little guy needs is a the right home.

Chase was the only male cat in a group of 7 cats that came into our care together on 26/01/2017. He is the last of them to find his new beginning, simply overlooked because he was much shyer than the others.

Chase chooses to hide away from both the visiting public and initially also from the staff and volunteers that cared for him daily.

But over the past few months we've seen a change in Chase, adjusting to the cattery life and embracing his daily carers and even making a connection with some of the visiting public when they offer him time, patience, understanding and compassion.

Chase is a quiet friendly little chap that simply needs some caring person to offer him a chance. We have no doubt that he will blossom in a quiet, settled and loving home with an experienced owner and he would be best suited to home with children 12+ years old.Chase is aged approx 4-5 years old and gets on with other cats.

If interested in offering Chase he home he desperately seeking please visit the centre during opening hours 12-4pm Tues – Sun

Adoption Procedure - Cats

If you wish to adopt a cat from the Rainbow Rehoming Centre come on down to the centre and have a chat with our staff.  We want to make sure that we get the right cat for you …

Our cat adoption fee is £35 and this covers the following:-

  • Worming and de-fleaing
  • Neutering

Before you adopt a cat you must agree and sign the Terms and Conditions (this is a legal document).

When you take your new pet home you will be given an Adoption Pack.  This pack includes advice on looking after your new pet; we also have a Pet Advice Section on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the welfare of your pet please contact the Rainbow Centre and we will be glad to help.

You will need a cat carrier so your cat can be brought home safely, please bring a cat carrier with you to the centre or you can rent a cat carrier from us for £15. 

All cats over 6 months old have been neutered before leaving the Rainbow Rescue & Rehoming Centre.

Please Note:

When the Rainbow Rehoming Centre takes in an animal, whether it is a cat, dog, kitten or puppy it is with the intention of finding this animal its forever home. Our commitment to this animal is not temporary though, as even after adoption a Rainbow animal remains a 'Rainbow animal' for life. So if at any time after adoption, whether it is one week, one year or ten years and you find that you cannot take care of your Rainbow pet you must contact us at the centre and your pet will be returned into our care. Under no circumstances should a Rainbow animal be passed on.

If you have any questions regarding the welfare of your pet please contact the Rainbow Centre and we will be glad to help.


Friends of Rainbow Rehoming

At Rainbow Rehoming we need all the help we can get to ensure our cats and dogs get the best chance at a new life and we couldn’t do that without all the help we receive from our friends and partners.

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