** This pet has been Rehomed **
Date Added: 22nd January 2018
Pet Type: Dog
Looking for a new home.

Brandy is a stunning young Collie 4 year old who is full of the joys of spring! He is friendly, playful and just loves everyone he meets. 

He sits patiently by the door when he hears someone coming, all excited to get out for his daily walk. He is good on the lead and keeps his pen very tidy.

Brandy is in the early stages of socialising with other dogs and we do not foresee any problems. We know from his previous owners that Brandy would not be suited to living with a cat. 

If interested in offering the stunning Brandy his new forever home we would love to hear from you. Please visit the Centre during opening hours 12-4pm Tues - Sun 

Beautiful photo by Nicole McIntyre Photography

Adoption Procedure - Dogs

If you are looking to adopt a dog from the Rainbow Rehoming Centre please visit the centre where you can see all of the dogs that are in our care.  Our staff can help determine which is the right dog for you and your family.  

Next you will be required to fill out a booking form which is a series of questions to find out if you will be able to look after the dog for its lifetime.  Before any dog leaves the centre a home check is carried out to ensure you have a secure and loving environment for the dog.

Finally, our adoption fee is £100 This adoption fee covers the following:-

  • Worm and de-flea
  • Two vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Micro chipping

Please Note:

When the Rainbow Rehoming Centre takes in an animal, whether it is a cat, dog, kitten or puppy it is with the intention of finding this animal its forever home. Our commitment to this animal is not temporary though, as even after adoption a Rainbow animal remains a 'Rainbow animal' for life. So if at any time after adoption, whether it is one week, one year or ten years and you find that you cannot take care of your Rainbow pet you must contact us at the centre and your pet will be returned into our care. Under no circumstances should a Rainbow animal be passed on.

If you have any questions regarding the welfare of your pet please contact the Rainbow Centre and we will be glad to help.


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