Aged only 9 weeks old Checkers was rescued with her sister who was rehomed on 5/8/2014.They had been living rough with their feral mother who was neutered and returned to her feeder. 

Checkers was always an extremely timid little lady, approach her and she would run, on a very odd occasion we actually got to touch her. 
Her wild start in life has indeed still stayed with her but we knew once she was settled in a loving home she would tame quicker. 
She needed a home that will understand her, give her time and have patience to help her gain trust. When she first arrived at the centre she was sent to a foster home, she always loved her freedom seeking it at every opportunity. She would often escape, hiding and making a dive for the door when open!

On the 18/02/2015 Checkers found her new understanding family, she had spent 6 months in our care. 


Thank You

These animals have now been adopted in to their forever home and this could only have been achieved by the help and generosity of our supporters. These dogs and cats needed a little extra care and attention.

We encourage people to Give animals a Voice and working together we can rescue many more animals in need of help.

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