When she was discovered by a member of the public in their shed, she was dying.

Matilda was extremely emaciated and dehydrated and one of her eyes was so badly ulcerated unfortunately it had to be amputated. Without the caring persons that found her taking her straight to the vets and saving her life she would have died alone in their shed. 

Matilda came into our care 22/03/2015

She struggled with the centre environment from the minute she arrived spending longer than usual in a cage because she was so frightened. It was obvious that she had been used to a distant relationship with humans, not feral, possibly living stray for a long time. Eventually we moved Matilda to an isolation pen of the main cattery were she showed interest in the other cats in our main cattery, so the decision was made to release her into it. She kept her distance from everyone. After numerous appeals Matilda had a visitor especially for her and on 26/05/2015 she left the centre with her new best friend Darren.

We receive regular updates from Darren, Matilda has well and truly made herself at home together with his other cat Socks. A sad tale with a very happy ending. 

Thank You

These animals have now been adopted in to their forever home and this could only have been achieved by the help and generosity of our supporters. These dogs and cats needed a little extra care and attention.

We encourage people to Give animals a Voice and working together we can rescue many more animals in need of help.

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